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13th March 2018
Chennai Trekking Club explanation after the Theni Forest Fire

I am pasting the content sent to all CTC members with explanation regarding the Theni Forest Fire. March 13th, Chennai Our sincere condolences go out to the families of the victims who lost their lives in the forest fire during our Woman’s Day trek at Kurangani, Theni district. Our experienced trek organisers Nisha and Dhivya, […]

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31st March 2016
International Media Vs Indian Media

After a tragic event in Kolkata here is the coverage in Indian Media and International Media. One more reason to show how Cricket overshadows the real world. Here are more if you are interested. NDTV (11:25 pm IST) BBC (11:25 pm IST)

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13th December 2014
Wearing a helmet? Buckle up please

If you are not wearing a helmet while on your motorbike, the you need to wear a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet and not buckled up, you need to buckle up. This incident happened some 4 years back. We were on a night out. We start from home after 9 or 10 pm, […]

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3rd January 2009
Real life incident: Gas (LPG) leakage at home

This year (2009) it was unusual me staying back in my home on the New Year Eve. I had my dinner @ 10pm and went to play Crusader in my PC. Before I could realize it was 2 am. So I went to sleep to start the day early that day. I was still thinking […]

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