Wearing a helmet? Buckle up please

13th December 2014
If you are not wearing a helmet while on your motorbike, the you need to wear a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet and not buckled up, you need to buckle up.
This incident happened some 4 years back. We were on a night out. We start from home after 9 or 10 pm, roam the length and breath of the city from Porur to ECR to Velachery to T. Nagar. We end this by 4 or 5 am and return back home.
It was on one of the night out we parked the car we were in, just before the ECR toll plaza. We had parked the car on the side perpendicular to the road. There was another Scoda parked in the same fashion some 5 - 10 meters away from us. We were standing outside the car and were talking. The guys on the Scoda were starting, they were backing slowly to get on the road. While they were backing, we heard a bang. A biker was flying past us, his helmet before him. He landed few meters away from us, helmet no where to be seen. We were the only people there when this happened. We went running to check the guy, I lifted him to see if he was alright. Blood was dripping from his face. The guys from Scoda had again parked in the same spot and came to check this guy.
The toll plaza was another 50 meters away. I went running to the Toll plaza as there was an ambulance parked there for any emergency call. The ambulance guy was quick and had taken the biker to the hospital.
The biker was drunk, part of the problem. He still could have made it if he had his helmet buckled up the right way. We were asking for some number he can remember as we were not able to find his mobile phone. We were not able to make sense of any number what he said as his jaw was injured and oozing blood.
It is not enough to just wear an helmet without buckling up. You will never know when it is going to save you. I was saved more then once as I always wear a helmet. Here was one such incident.


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