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31st March 2016
International Media Vs Indian Media

After a tragic event in Kolkata here is the coverage in Indian Media and International Media. One more reason to show how Cricket overshadows the real world. Here are more if you are interested. NDTV (11:25 pm IST) BBC (11:25 pm IST)

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30th March 2016
In the serch of the Original Ambur Star Briyani. Let down and then success.

(Success part updated in March/2018 with the location to the Original Star Briyani shop. Please see below) Let down by Star Briyani, Ambur. I have heard about Ambur Star Biriyani before, it got on my must to try places after seeing the episode on Sutralam Suvaikalam. We were returning from Chikmanglur after the long weekend […]

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28th March 2016
Chennai to Chikmangalur bike ride

This was another solo ride, when had two more guys join me. This ride was initially planned to Hampi, Karnataka. Due to hot weather condition in Hampi, the destination was changed to Chikmangalur after reaching Bangalore. Even though I had already been to Chikmangalur during the last year planning unplanned solo, it was still enjoyable. […]

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9th March 2016
Solo travel from Chennai to Hyderabad: All for the love for Hyderabad Briyani

Yes, this travel is to just to taste the best Hyderabadi Biriyani, I had always enjoyed. Earlier it was me and my roomies who use to travel from Madhapur to Charminar to taste this amazing Biriyani, now it was me all alone from Chennai to Hyderabad to taste one of the best Biriyani after almost […]

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