Solo travel from Chennai to Hyderabad: All for the love for Hyderabad Briyani

9th March 2016

Yes, this travel is to just to taste the best Hyderabadi Biriyani, I had always enjoyed. Earlier it was me and my roomies who use to travel from Madhapur to Charminar to taste this amazing Biriyani, now it was me all alone from Chennai to Hyderabad to taste one of the best Biriyani after almost 5 years.

Itinerary was very simple:


  • 6:10 pm - Leave Chennai by Charminar Express


  • 8:30 am - Reach Hyderabad
  • Do something between then and lunch time
  • Afternoon - Biriyani in Shadab
  • Do something between lunch and evening
  • 6:30 pm - leave Hyderabad by Charminar


  • 8:15 am - Reach Chennai

Nothing much to go in to the detail. The morning slot was filled with a quick train to Kairthabad Saarvi Tea Stall, where Vivek, Bhargav and myself use to head for our morning tea after work. Then it was Golconda fort.

Evening slot was filled with Salar Jung Museum and finding Karachi biscuits

Golconda Fort


This is what I came for - Shadab, Charminar

 Nampally Railway station

After this travel, it only makes me to try out this genre to travel to taste some good food around, that is within a one day or a two day reach. Hopefully one for next month.


It happened again. This time it was Salem. Sutralam Suvaikalam pushed me in to this 😉

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