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15th August 2016
Tried to implement Swatch Barath and taken on a ride to the Police Station

It was August 14th, 2016 (Sunday). This day was planned well in advance. Afternoon was Shafique Bhai's brother's wedding. Then Joker (Tamil Movie) with Vasu and Ranjitha. The next day plan was to take Mark around Chennai, which I had committed to him when I met him in US. Due to some changes in his […]

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31st December 2014
Clean India (Swachh Bharat) - Nagari, Andhra Pradesh

I want to document this trek we had also having a social cause behind it. Nagari is a the Chittore District, about 100 km WNW of Chennai. The mountain range we chose for this trek has a Shiva temple on the top and frequently visited by pilgrimages. Now you know why we need to add […]

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28th December 2014
Clean India will take two generations if we start now

I was very happy to see the much hyped Clean India movement (Swachh Bharat). It was long long before I had my own rules to keep the surroundings the way it was before I was in it. I use to go out on lot of trekking. My first trek was when I was in my […]

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