Tried to implement Swatch Barath and taken on a ride to the Police Station

15th August 2016

It was August 14th, 2016 (Sunday). This day was planned well in advance. Afternoon was Shafique Bhai's brother's wedding. Then Joker (Tamil Movie) with Vasu and Ranjitha. The next day plan was to take Mark around Chennai, which I had committed to him when I met him in US. Due to some changes in his Sunday's plan, Mark was free on Sunday and was tied up on Monday. So I had to rework my Sunday's plan to take Mark around places I like in my part of Chennai. Showed him Mylapore, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Santhome Church, Marina Beach.

After going around, we settled for Dinner and reached my place at around 9:45 pm, so I could to get dropped off.

Mark asked if this is where I live and I said, “Yes” and showed the street in which I live, which is right next to a temple. I was very embarrassed to see a guy was urinating at the corner of our street next to the temple, but I did not show it out. I got off the car and Mark was heading to his place.

The guy was wearing a red striped shirt, jeans, shoes, specs, in his mid 30's, educated (by his looks and not by his action). I asked him why he was peeing in the street corner, that too near a temple! He did not apologize or feel any remorse. He started raising his voice, walked away, and teamed up with his friends who were in the nearby restaurant. They were a group of 7 guys, out of which 2 started to threaten, corner and manhandle me. They even went a step ahead and ripped my shirt buttons.

I knew these guys were drunk and out of their senses. When they cornered me, I was still asking if there was anyone in their senses who I can talk about this, but in vain. I was still composed. I dialed 100 after which, one of the two guys who cornered me backed off and started to compromise. The red striped shirt guy still did not cool down. I asked him to apologize so that we can put an end to this situation (still having the police on the phone), but he asked me to do whatever I want. He asked his friend to call the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and send 2 jeeps, in a bid to show he’s well connected & powerful was. As if the ACP was his car driver. Funny part was, he asked me to come and touch him in Tuticorin and see who he is [After all this, I need to catch a bus to Tuticorin and go check who this guy, who urinated in a street corner, was]. The police response team was on the way. In the meantime two of my friends were crossing and they stopped for me. The situation was tense with heated argument. These guys had gone into the restaurant. I took the photo of the car they came in, in case they escaped.

The police response team had arrived. In this confusion, Red stripes has fled the place, who was making all the noise. The other guy who teamed up with him was asked to get in to the Jeep, but he denied. The SI asked me to come along with them in the Jeep, after which the guy also got into the Jeep. We went to Mylapore E1 Police station, but the main guy was still not responding. After repeated calls from his friends, he finally came to the station. He was reporting his version of the incident. He accepted he was urinating, that I asked him why he was urinating there & used disrespectful language which left him zapped. He claimed that he simply apologized & left. I intimidated him to attack and that is why he attacked. SI asked him if he was drunk, he said he wasn’t but was drunk then (that was an hour before). SI was listening to her version with a smile which showed how much he believed his version. SI asked what he did; to which he replied, “I am the Head of India”. SI smiled more this time and asked he was not aware of such a post. He said he is head of India for NIIT. I searched all across the internet, he was nowhere in the top bracket of NIIT.

SI asked to file a complaint under section 75 on both the men. I requested them to leave the second guy as he was trying to back his friend and was not in his senses. So a complaint was booked against Mr. Head of India, and a fine was collected.

Swatch Bharath has a long way to go when people like to boast with a big & reputed title, do not even realize they have made a mistake even when its pointed out.

One basic question everyone must ask is, “Will I pee in my hall or in my toilet?” It is for our home, street, city and village. Part of the problem/solution is on people like us, part on the government side. Are we provided enough options to do what is expected of us – In this case, are we provided with enough toilets? The answer MAYBE yes, but are they clean & in a usable condition???

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