Clean India will take two generations if we start now

28th December 2014
I was very happy to see the much hyped Clean India movement (Swachh Bharat). It was long long before I had my own rules to keep the surroundings the way it was before I was in it.

I use to go out on lot of trekking. My first trek was when I was in my 7th standard and I still remember the group I went with, carried back a garbage bag to be disposed in the nearest village garbage pile, which will be attended to.

I was fortunate to have witnessed those guys who did show me there is a way to throw the trash, it was in to the trash bag and to the place it will be attended to. It is not in the place where we want. When I use to follow these basic principles, people only stop to laugh at me or few will go a step further and will ask me to throw them and not carry with me. There were trips I would have my pockets filled with trash.

It is beyond our consciousness that we miss to even realize we are throwing trash in the wrong place. Step one in this process is to realize we are throwing away trash in places it should not be thrown. Second is to make sure we throw it in the right place.

Here are few pictures from my Second Planned - Unplanned trip

This place was not a easy to reach place. There is trash even in this place in the middle of no where. I do not see how this can be solved by only driving the Clean India concept.

I see the possibility to have this solved is to have a strong Clean India marketing campaign. The Marketers will find ways to get in to the head. The next is important, there has to be enough and more dust bins, which people should be encouraged to use. Having a over flowing dustbin and not placed where it has to be will again defeat the purpose.

I truly wish that everyone can understand that we are here to use the resources for our living and we are going to leave it for generations to come. We are not the last ones to use them.

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