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17th November 2014
Photo published in Indian Express 17.Nov.2014

It was an event organized by Korean Navy and Indian Maritime University to Cleanup Marina beach on 16th November, 2014 (Sunday). I was done taking all the pictures and the whole group had gathered for a group photo. I only have a 50mm lens. I will definitely not be able to cover the space with […]

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12th November 2014
Tikona - Excellent service (Only before you get the connection)

I was once a customer of Tikona. I had my take on poor service I had with Airtel, Airtel taking me for a ride Ride with Airtel still on - Feb/13/2013  Airtel ride cont...  After the initial major process failure and the effort they took to cover up for their mistakes, now I am a […]

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2nd November 2014
Chennai Beach on a cloudy day

Sleeping giant. Waiting for people to come in and fill it with life.

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20th October 2014
Phuzhuthivakkam Government School plantation on 11.Oct.2014

This was my first day with my camera for an event with Mazhaikaga,

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16th October 2014
Meteor sighting 16.Oct.2014 - Chennai, Tamill Nadu, India

I was off to bed at 1:30 am (16.Oct.2014) IST. The room has a window facing north. I saw a shadow of the window grill on the wall on the south and the shadow seem to move. It was like a car passing by with the light changing direction. It was bright I thought someone […]

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6th September 2014
Getting to know my mom has cancer and how I escaped from a cheating hospital

I still remember. It was May 13th, 2012. It was a Sunday. We had just moved in to our newly constructed house, my 28 years dream. I was out with my office friends for the weekend. We were getting back to Chennai. My friend Chandru who was the consulting engineer and also the mason, Velayudham […]

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23rd June 2013
Real Premonition Experience

Premonition?? Oct/1/2011 Today I took the East-Thambaram to Sholinganallur route to reach my office. The road was empty and tempting . On my way I slipped in to a strange thought, ‘if I need help and if I call Rajaram to come here from office, will he have his bike to come'. Few seconds passed […]

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21st June 2013
Chennai - Auto meter missing

This has long been out of the dream list too. To take a auto rickshaw in Chennai without bargaining and pay the meter rate to the auto driver. Too many people like to complaint about it, but few are taking things in their hand to voice it out to the concerned persons. I guess TOI […]

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3rd February 2013
Auto meter missing - Chennai

This topic is geographical. I think we can patent this. This as a very unique process or a new methodology. Wow, we can make sure other cities cannot copy this. Something we can really feel proud about. Yea. The first thing you will notice after reaching Chennai is, Auto meter missing. It is fairly a […]

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16th January 2009
Chennai Sangamam

WOW!!!! What can i say about Chennai Sangamam. Besant Nagar Beach(Elliots beach) was filled with human heads. It is a wonderful concept to bring all the art form to Chennai. It is the one stop for all the art form in Tamil Nadu(62 showcased in chennai Sangamam). And the Grand Finale was awesome. I was […]

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