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2nd January 2018
Chennai to Gandikota and Belum Caves bike ride

  This ride is to escape from the commotion of New Year, I still cannot understand why all this for changing an English calendar year. The ride was supposed to start from Guindy at 5:30 am on 31st of Dec, 2017. Five was the final count and we had 3 bikes with us. All was […]

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5th December 2017
[With photos] Step by Step Procedure to send Bike by Indian Railways Parcel and Luggage options

There are two ways  you can send your bike using Indian Railways. As a parcel or as a luggage. It is best for you to directly go to the parcel office and start the process. Do not go to a broker or parcel agent and start the process, you will end up paying more unnecessarily […]

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9th December 2014
Fitting a tubeless tyre? Tips to avoid being cheated

After my recent trip I realized the necessity for a tubeless tyre. I took the rim to have it fitted with the tubeless tyre. Got the tyre from a authorized dealer. Everything went fine until they were checking for leakage from the joint. It did. These guys wanted me to go in for some fix […]

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23rd November 2014
To buy indicator switch from Pudupet, key to negotiate: True caller

I am preparing for my second Planned - Unplanned trip. FYI: I am only planning for the 'Planned' part, not for the 'Unplanned' part for now. This is what happened on the first Planned Unplanned trip, http://www.haringo.com/2013/05/tiruchendur-kutralam-manjolai-trip.html The certainty of the trip is still 85% with 15% of odds against the trip. This is the […]

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20th November 2014
How to ride with the Accelerator (Throttle) cable cut

For about a week I was not having a comfortable feel when accelerating or using the clutch on my bike (Motor cycle). It was not smooth and also there was rust visible through the cable outer skin. Yesterday I went to my mechanic with a long list of spares that has to be changed and […]

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23rd June 2013
Real Premonition Experience

Premonition?? Oct/1/2011 Today I took the East-Thambaram to Sholinganallur route to reach my office. The road was empty and tempting . On my way I slipped in to a strange thought, ‘if I need help and if I call Rajaram to come here from office, will he have his bike to come'. Few seconds passed […]

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