How to ride with the Accelerator (Throttle) cable cut

20th November 2014
For about a week I was not having a comfortable feel when accelerating or using the clutch on my bike (Motor cycle). It was not smooth and also there was rust visible through the cable outer skin. Yesterday I went to my mechanic with a long list of spares that has to be changed and he asked me to come back today with all the spares to get this mini project done. This did include changing the accelerator and clutch cable. I did tell him I have a feel one of this is going to snap soon. Yea, you know I have this Premonition thingy (Thingy- where did I get it from 😉 ),

I got ready early and started my bike. Everything was fine until I turned the throttle. The bike did not move. The gear was fine, clutch was working. Accelerator??? It was snapped 🙁

But I did manage to get all  the spares and reached the mechanic, on my bike 😉

How to ride a bike (Mechanic) with the accelerator snapped:

Do this at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility if this spoils your bike or causes any harm to you.

  • You are technically crippled with the accelerator cable cut. What you are trying to do is to mimic the accelerator action without having the ability to do it with your accelerator.
  • Push up the idling on your bike to 4000 RPM. I found this to be a safe and a comfortable level for this. Screw the idling bolt to have the RPM increased. Here what you are doing is to set the RPM at a constant 4000 RPM. This is like holding your accelerator having it raised to 4000 RPM.
  • Use your clutch and brake wisely. Clutch when you need to change gear only. Use your brake to slowdown along with the clutch. Only your brake to slowdown will shut down  the engine. Only clutch to slowdown will increase the engine RPM.

This is a very simple trick. Not a easy one though and it takes time to get comfortable with. When there is nothing left and you need to move on, this is the only way to make it out when your accelerator (Throttle) cable has snapped. Don't forget to reset your idling RPM once you have the cable fixed.

Hope this will save you someday. Use this technique wisely, at your own risk and be safe.

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