Ride with Airtel still on

13th February 2013
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Yesterday night I went back home at 2:40 am. Prepared instant noodles for dinner (Yes, the same junk). And switched on the modem hoping the angels will make it happen. But, angels are for the dream. This is reality, the internet light was still off, putting an end to my suspense.

As a routine, I had send a text message to the Chennai head of sales that the internet is still not working. I got up at 9 am, and saw a message from him that there will be a technical person in my house by 10 am. It did not excite me. I waited till 10 and message him that it was 10 and when can I expect the technical person, he said by 11. It was 11 and again I messaged him. He said another hour. I was losing my patience, I called him. He did not pick my call. I had put my mobile on auto redial and left it. After about 22 calls he answered my call. He said the technical person should be at my home and he does not know why he has not come. I asked for the technical persons number and said I will call him.

They change their words. 

I called a person from the exchange office, he said they are looking in to my issue and the problem is that there is not feasibility for a 8mbps line. We were going in circles. I told him when I had tested the connection 2 weeks before I got about 8.7 mbps. He said 8 mbps is not possible and they are checking regarding that. I was steaming with the way I am hearing different stories from different people.
I called the sales head and again, he did not pick the call. After about 4 tries he answered. He said the technical guy had called him and said they are working on getting the connection completed today. I told him about the new feasibility issue that was raised, he said the technical person never had mentioned anything like that to me.
I see this is going no where. I felt they all were trying to hide some mistake of theirs, as they had sold a plan that does not exist. The reason they had mentioned for terminating the Turbo30gb plan, was that there is no feasibility of a 8mbps line for my house. That was a lie, as the installation guy did check the speed and it was 8.7mbps.
I told the HOS that either I must me a loose (Crank) or the technical person should be a loose, coz I know he said 8mbps is not possible for my house and that is the reason for the delay in giving the connection.

Great people act great??

The HOS for offended that i called his technical person as loose (Crank). He said it is not the way I can call his technical person, I told him, he is telling a lie. But, I know I cannot convince this guy who is only defending a mistake of theirs which has caused a 2 week delay in the installation.
He said by today 7 pm, the connection will be active. He is adding a buffer time, so that I do not keep calling him. I apologized to him for addressing his technical person as a crank, and also sent a message apologizing.

 Last resort and time to wait.

I then called the head of customer service and told him what was going on, he was one among the seven on the conference call. He was surprised that I have still not got my connection after the promise made by the HOS on Monday. He said he will check the status and call me back. And yes. He did not call me back. Do not read that again, he did not call me back is what I said. I called him after 20 min, he will not take my call. got a text message that he will call me. Again I waited. After about 20 min, for a message that he is in a meeting and by evening, I will get the internet connection. I had sent the acknowledgement message and said I will put this aside until tomorrow and the wait has started.
All this stared with a sales guy selling a plan that does not exist. Finally I get the bad guy color for demanding a service that I had paid for. It has been 2 weeks and things are not being handled proactively, for each status I would need to call. And they get upset that I am following up. I must realize, customer service is for those who do not have any problem. When you have a problem, it is an exception and does not count.

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