BSNL Broadband connection

22nd July 2009
Thanks to some political problem between Hathway and SCV, Hathway cables and amplifiers are damaged enough by SCV personals to the extent Hathway cannot resume their service in 4 areas in chennai for another 4 months (This is as per Hathway).

I was a loyal customer for Hathway. But now I had no option but to move on. Out of my search, i zeroed out on a Home 500 plan offered by BSLN.

I know the pros and cons of going in for BSNL. Customer service is something which is a big question mark.

I requested for the connection online,

on Thursday (16/7/2009) and my followup started from the second day and i was told the connection will be given within 14 days. The username and password ie my account was created on Monday (20/7/2009). I was waiting for the Modem to be installed on Tuesday, but did not happen. And I was surprised when my mom called me on Wednesday (22/7/2009) and said they have got the Modem for installation. And my mom said the installation guy from the BSNL wants to talk to me regarding new line he has to lay to get the connection to my room which is less than 10 meter away from where my telephone is.

He said, he has to but wires and new splitter box to get the connection to my computer, and this is not covered under BSNL installation. He has to do it by himself and he is ready to offer the service (Note: The service is in the same working hour, he is paid by BSNL). He said he needs to buy 60 meters of wire (Think he was planning to run cables all around my house) and said he needs Rs.10 per meter. And Labor would cost another Rs.200.

I knew he needs to make some extra money. Just these few guys bring bad name to the entire group they belong to. But i have no option, I need to get it done. I cannot go in for a confrontation.

I offered him Rs.500 to complete the work. He was not for sale at that amount. Then my manager said, its no big deal, let him keep everything there you can get it done, just get some wires.

I reached home, checked the devices left by him. And there was a unused line in another room. I removed the wire from that rooms junction box. and tried to bring it to the room where the computer is. It was falling short of almost 2 meters. 🙁

Now the BSNL pack came handy. It had 2 cables one from the main junction to the splitter and one from the splitter to the Modem.. Done deal.. 🙂

Wow, I saved Rs.800 and said NO to Uniformed robbery.

I cannot do anything more than to express myself here. Launching a complaint, tracking it, copping with the problems they will create back... These things are not for me. I can stay away from them... I still feel bad, the system has not given me the confidence to do what is right to bring these wrong doers out.

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