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15th July 2018
Preparing for your first ride? Here is one more blog to read

Riding is a really fun activity. Along with the fun, also comes the responsibility for one self and for others. Unlike other travel options, bike riding has its own advantages and challenges. The liberty and freedom in unmatched when comparing with any other travel option. Preparing for a ride is pretty important. Anything less than […]

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28th November 2017
Chennai to Delhi, Solo bike ride - Deciding the location and preparing

<< Planned Unplanned Trip V Index >< Deciding on the location and preparing for the trip >>Day 1 & 2: Chennai to Hyderabad for Biryani and off to Aurangabad >> Day 3: Exploring Ellora caves and change in plan >> Day 4: Roaming in Indore and rest in Udaipur >> Day 5: Roaming in Udaipur, […]

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30th October 2015
Nagalapuram trek first time experience - A TRIP UP-BROAD!!!

The dawn awakened in Tambaram on 6 in the morning but we guys got ready way before that to view the 5 o’ clock road after a long long time. And hey! Did I fail to mention that we were going on a one day trip to Nagala West! Well, with eyes that betrayed our […]

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4th December 2014
Preparing for a bike ride around Coimbatore from Chennai

This year's planned unplanned trip was almost a necessity.  Was tied up for the first 6 months of this year. No way to get around and seen the worst of what it is to be tied down to a place, this years plan was drafted back in March this year. Wanted to get lost and […]

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