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17th July 2016
Day 5 - 8 Pune travel and work | Chennai to Mumbai Solo bike ride

Day 1: Run-up and Chennai to Hubali Battling strong wind and rainChandramoulishwar templeLake view with heavy rain Day 2 and 3: Mahabalishwar Rain never stoppedSivaji statue a few feet away, hidden in fog Day 4 and 5: Lonavala and Mumbai Karla cavesLohagad View pointsIndia GateSoup and dinner at the famous Bade miya shop + Firni […]

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16th July 2016
Solo bike ride from Chennai to Mumbai - 3,200km Planned Unplanned trip

This year's unplanned trip was in my mind right from early 2016. I did not finalize the direction or the time. I had multiple options. I sort of decided the final destination as Mumbai for various reasons. I have heard a lot about places around Mumbai and Pune from Shankar. I also wanted a taste […]

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