Solo bike ride from Chennai to Mumbai - 3,200km Planned Unplanned trip

16th July 2016
This year's unplanned trip was in my mind right from early 2016. I did not finalize the direction or the time. I had multiple options. I sort of decided the final destination as Mumbai for various reasons. I have heard a lot about places around Mumbai and Pune from Shankar. I also wanted a taste of riding in to the eye of the monsoon action. In Pune I can work for few days before I can return, which means I can use two weekends for the trip. Which will mean minimum time away from work.

This was the plan finally.

Start the ride by July 1st (Friday) reach Pune on July 5th (Tuesday), work until July 8th (Friday) Return to Chennai on July 11th (Monday).

This was I need to to take only one day leave on July 1st. I can swap Ramzan leave with American Independence day (July 4th) which will make this plan viable.

As usual I had my check list for the trip prepared weeks in advance (Here is the link:

This was the final route I had completed over this ride.

Day 1: Run-up and Chennai to Hubali

Battling strong wind and rain
Chandramoulishwar temple
Lake view with heavy rain

Day 2 and 3: Mahabalishwar

Rain never stopped
Sivaji statue a few feet away, hidden in fog

Day 4 and 5: Lonavala and Mumbai

Karla caves
View points
India Gate
Soup and dinner at the famous Bade miya shop + Firni

Day 5 - 8: Pune and work from Pune


Day 9 and 10: Hampi

Place that I underestimated. What I thought will a few hours is a city that will need a few days to see just a scratch of what it can offer. All photos included.

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