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20th September 2016
How to make 3 minutes Varagu Soup recipe - Quick and Easy Preparation

This is a quick recipe for those time crunching moments and will come handy for a healthy breakfast for your outdoor camping and trekking. Kids love it. If you are already serving ready-made soup for your kids, take this as a reason to introduce millets in their diet. They would not complain and would love […]

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21st January 2016
Ad breakdown - Does Pediasure work? - Yes, it makes the height marker shorter

This has been my concern around health drinks and supplements. Even the same people behind these ads would agree to me. They even tell the same truth as I do, but they do not want you to see it. They add the truth in small text that would almost blend with the background, so that […]

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7th February 2013
Complan, Horlics, Boost.... Are They Really Health drinks???

We see a whole lot of marketing activity for health drinks targeting children. They are too convincing. To a extend that we will be pushed to take sides. There are parents who do not loose out betting on a loosing horse, they go for one health drink for morning and another for the evening (That […]

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