Semi-Auto-focus Canon DSLR

23rd November 2014

Semi Auto Focus on DSLRFrom the day I got my camera, been shooting only with a 50 mm f/1.8 lens on my Canon 60D. On my checklist for my second Planned Unplanned trip Solo bike ride, I wanted to take a wide angle lens with me. My friend Ramesh (Director of Andhadhi) has a 18 - 55 mm IS lens with him. I had tried his camera and the camera was not able to auto focus. After checking with my camera, found the problem was with the lens, it was able to focus back, but was not able to focus forward.

It was the only lens I can get my hands on with a wider focal length.

I was trying to take some test shots. I need to get used to manual focus, as my 50mm was always on auto focus.

First tried pulling focus and released the shutter using a monopod. Then was trying test shots hand-held, it was my intuition and I was having the shutter release half pressed and I was focusing manual. The focus point blinked the way it would when the lens is in auto focus. I tried the same with a different subject, the red focus box blinks when the focus was reached.

I then switched to my 50mm, turned to manual and tried the same.

- Half press the shutter release
- Manual focus
- Red box blinks on achieving focus.

Yaay, now I can pull focus without the fear or a blurry image 🙂

Hope this helps someone, in the same situation I am in. Happy Clicking 😀

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