Real Premonition Experience

23rd June 2013

Today I took the East-Thambaram to Sholinganallur route to reach my office. The road was empty and tempting . On my way I slipped in to a strange thought, ‘if I need help and if I call Rajaram to come here from office, will he have his bike to come'. Few seconds passed and I was trying to overtake a lorry from left. And the lorry started move left (Gale road'la yenga'ya left vare), I was still at high speed (~120 kmph). Trying to avoid the lorry, I applied the breaks, but lost traction on the loose gravel, and landed a few meters away from my bike and my bike came right after me (Passakara bike).
Did a quick check to make sure all my spare parts are fine. Few were leaking . My head was saved because I was wearing a helmet (If you are wearing a helmet, buckle up) The closest person I can call for help will be Rajaram (In office). I took the phone to call him. And realized, I thought about this just a few seconds back. And it happened. Rest- long story short... Torn pant – dusty shirt - gear leaver and handle bar kochikuchu - did not call Rajaram - again empty and tempting road - stopped by police for over speed - to police, accident as excuse , showed the leaking parts - came to office - quick water wash - at last used the office first aid box, patched up the leaking parts (Tinkring) - tore the pant (My fav pant ), made it as 3/4s - changed my shirt with my back-up t-shirt - full formal to pakka casual - back to my den - started with my work - went to a doc after work (Work 1st, doc 2nd)

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