Ghajini - Hindi version

10th December 2008

After a long time here is a movie which is worth watching. Thankx to Murugadas and Amir Khan to have made this happen. The movie is the same as in Tamil with a slight twist in the climax. And another change made is the Name GHajini is the Villains name in Hindi version.

The movie was really great to watch, the screenplay was excellent as it was in Tamil. And Amir Khans action was really good. Am really not able to say If Surya or Amir fitted for the character. Just one thing which did not fit was Amir Kahns shirt. The way he had rolled his sleves did not give the executive look which was there in Surya(Tamil version). Aasin sure will make a very good name in Bollywood with her wonderful performance.

Over all, Ghajini did meet all the expectations. It was great watching...

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