Fake Apple earpod on Flipkart

24th November 2014
I ordered for a new earpod on Flipkart,
The product was listed for Rs. 895 when I bought this product. There was two reasons I bought this product.
1. Brand: Apple
2. Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
These two were more than convincing for me to buy this product. It took a long time for Flipkart to delivery this product. I was patiently waiting and was very exited to get the earpods.
Finally I got the earpods and the package was damn good. had cot open the other package to reach out to the box in which the earpod was coiled to. Surprise, the box was not closed properly.
Here is a video of the product when I received and the problem with it.

1. The box was not closed.
2. The box on which the wire was coiled had the impression of the wire marked on it
3.The wire was of a light gray color and not the white color as on the original earpod
4. The wire was of a low quality
5. The sound quality was moderate
6. Mic was horrible
7. The sleeve covering the 3.5 mm jack gave away right after the first use.
It was interesting that the package had a warranty document which also mentions it has a one year Apple warranty. Duh.
Within minutes I had asked for a refund and the refund is also made.
I see this to be a cheap business mode. To sell product claiming it is a original product. For example if there were 10 people who had bought this same product out of them 2 find it is fake and return, the seller will still make enough money from the other 8.
Why is Flipkart encouraging this kind of an environment. Even on ebay I find it to be a better environment where we buy from the seller directly and the seller rating is very important. Here we are buying from Flipkart with the seller fulfilling the order.
As a consumer for me I am buying from Flipkart, I assume Flipkart holds the quality of the service. Else if flipkart can make it clear that are not responsible for the quality of the service, they need to make it clear so that we can pay closer attention to the seller and need not consider quality assurance from Flipkart.


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