Chennai to Delhi 3,350km Solo Bike Ride - Planned unplanned trip V

29th November 2017
This is a write up on a solo ride from Chennai to Delhi covering 3,350 km in 9 days. If you are interested in any of this episode,  you can read the detailed pages below.

For places covered and photo only, click here.

Photos taken using phone only for this trip. As my camera is sold and lens was sold to go for this trip 😛 Traveling vs Photography, had to pick travel.

Long story short:

Here is the how the route turned out to be when the trip got completed.

Google map image. Route of Solo bike ride from Chennai to Delhi

Run up to Day 1: Deciding on the location and the preparation

After confusion between Cambodia or Delhi, decided to go on a solo bike ride to Delhi.

Day 1: Chennai to Hyderabad

Moving northwards, stopped in Hyderabad for my favorite Biryani.

Day 2: Hyderabad to Aurangabad. Difficult road and evening in Aurangabad (Same page along with Day 1)
- Mini Taj

Day 3: Spanner in the plan. Roam in Ellora caves and cut short Aurangabad.
- Ellora caves.

Day 4: Roam in Indore and leave to  Udaipur, pit stop in Ujjain
- Rajwada
- Lal baag Palace
- Ujjain
- Hunting for good Rajastani food

Day 5: Roaming in Udaipur and leave to Jaiput. Pit stop in Ajmer
- Jagdish Mandhir
- Udaipur city palace, one of the best pic of this trip. Very well maintained palace.
- Jag mandhir - Could skip, worth for the city and palace views.
- Ajmer Dharga - Got caught in the cob web of narrow streets.

Day 6: Roam in Jaipur and stay for the day as Taj is closed on Fridays
- Amer fort - Another best pick of this trip. Splendid history and the Muhal connection.
- Nahargarh fort - Has the world's largest canon
- Jaigarh fort
- Jaipur citi palace - Commercial center than a palace to tour.
- Janthar manthar - Wisdom and vision.
- Hawa mahal
- Hunting for Dhal Batti - My new found love.

Day 7: Late start from Jaipur and ride to Agra (Same page along with Day 6)

Day 8: Roam in Agra and ride to Delhi in smog
- Fatehpur sikri - Fell in love with this beautiful place.
- Taj Mahal - Crown jewel of this trip.
- Agra fort - Stands second compared with Fathepur Sikri
- Negotiate for delayed check-out
- India Gate - Destination photo

Day 9a: Roam in Delhi
- Check details regarding bike luggage procedures
- Chandni Chowk - Modern art
- Red fort - More of a city than a fort. Just massive.
- Humayum Tomb
- Qutub minar - Majestic in structure, size and history.
- Shopping

Day 9b and 10: Stuck in a cob web and took 5.5 hours to complete the parcel procedures (must read if you want to avoid the mistakes that I did)

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