Hyderabad Bomb Blast - Disaster Management

21st February 2013
It is quite shocking to see the terrorist have striked again. I started tracking the news and was also seeing live broadcast from the explosion site.
There are several mistakes committed time after time during disaster. It did not escape this scene too. I am no forensic expert or a law maker or a person to maintain law and order. But with some commonsense, to see how things were and how it should be. During these attacks, it is a common strategy to have multiple explosions. First bomb goes off, it causes casualty, now people rush in to help the wounded. So the second one will be placed to increase the casualty, as there are more people on the spot. This is the same method I see was used by Srilankan army during their civil war (Documentary report by Channel 4). The same did happen this time too. It was two blasts, they said it was three, but not confirmed.
The news channel said the whole place was sealed and sanitized. Looking at the visuals, there seems to be more crowd than it would be on any normal day. It is absolutely not safe for anyone to be in that area. Still there is a huge media presence, to make things worse, we have a band of politicians visiting the area. It was worth if the right investigating team and the disaster management team were on the spot. I truly appreciate Vishnu (NDTV news reporter, from the news room) was advising the reporter was on the scene to move away from the area. And was asking public not to go to that area. That really makes sense, than to beat the drums and make it as a exhibition and make things worst.
This is not that surprising as the preparedness of the disaster management was tested and was quiet evident.
This starts with culture. It starts with the education system, the way our kids are brought up. How to react during a disaster. To stay calm, move to a safe location, help self and then help others, take the wounded with you.
I am also part of all this chaos. Even I did go to the affected pockets in the Chennai city during the Asian Tsunami. But I know it was a mistake.
I hope, no such incident should happen ever after. And in case if it does happen, it can be handled a little better than how it was handled now.


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