Being Lazy, How I reduced 12kg (26 lb) in 3 months?

1st August 2011

I am 33 now and I had put on a lot of weight over a few years. I was one among the leanest when until my college days, then I started eating a lot and all of a sudden I started putting weight and no going back. I am 5 feet and 10 inches, at one time I crossed a unhealthy 90kg.

Few months back I realized I am carrying more weight than I have to. Even people around me started noticing that have put on a lot of weight. My pants do not fit me anymore, classic signs.

I am lazy, never would be able to stick on to a exercise routine. I would do stretches at times as I go on long distance motorcycle rides and it is almost needed (Here is a write up of a Solo motorcycle ride from Chennai to Delhi). I had tried walking once. Would do one hour of walking covering 6 km. I lost 3kg in a month. Due to work schedule, I was not able to continue with that. This time I wanted to lose weight, but something that will fit in my unscheduled and lazy life style. Going on a palio or other diet is not something I can put myself in to sacrificing the food I love to eat.

That is enough of what I cannot, still I lost 12kg.

The path that best suited me in intermittent fasting. Seems logical to be to lose weight and also to lead a healthy life. Logic is simple, leave time for your body to use up all the nutrients before it is ready for the next meal, in the process it also ends up using up excess fat to fuel if there is any defect. Within the eating window, you are free to consume your meals. You can leave a eating window of 12 hours or 8 hours or even 4 hours, which is a warrior diet.

Usually I skip my traditional morning breakfast. I break my fast with my afternoon lunch at 1 pm, this is the major meal in my day with no restriction, rice, meat, fish, bread, vegetables anything that I feel like eating. This is followed by some dry fruits and black tea for evening at 4 pm, night I have a vegetable/fruit bowl, raw. This is around 9. This is my regular diet. After work, I go to bed around 2 - 3 am. This gives me a good 5 hours for my dinner to settle down before I go to bed.

In addition, I skip my lunch on Tuesday, to detox y body for one day a week. This is also necessary for me. Saturdays I am lenient, I do have a regular dinner and my weekly quota of drink. With all this I was able to see the difference immediately, I was reducing weight and I landed at 78kg in a couple of months, I was also feeling healthy in this process.

After reaching 78kg, anything that I do, did not take me past  that mark. Weeks passes and I was still at 78kg. It was like there was still bad fat in my body,  that would not go away with even this healthy mode, it needs a even more serious treatment.

That was when I moved on to a 6 days water only diet. Just water, 3 liters a day for 6 days and it took me from 78kg to 74kg. You can read about how the benefits and procedure to follow a 7 days water only fast.

It has been a few months now and I am still hovering around 74kg to 75kg, even with one whole week of traveling and eating my heart out, I reached 76kg, still rolled back to 74kg following my regular diet.

This may not be a one size fit all diet, you would need to listen to your body and do what helps you to feel healthy.

I hope you found this blog helpful. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments.

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