Aragami - God of battle Review

26th November 2008
This movie was a result of a challenge by a Japanese producer Shinya Kawai to Yukihiko Tsutsumi(Directed 2LDK) and Ryuhei Kitamura(Directed Aragami). The challenge was to direct a movie in a single set, within a week and the story should be a battle between two.

Unlike 2LDK with the Starring crew of just 2, Aragami has 5. But still reached up to the challenge with the battle between 2. Movie starts with 2 injured Samurai warriors knocking the door of a lonely temple in the middle of a thick forest. There are received a mysterious young girl and swordsman.

Later one of the samurai warrior wakes up, then realizes that he has healed miraculously. But clueless how it's possible. Later came to know he has attained immortality by eating the liver of the other warrior who was fighting for his life. He was very upset regarding this.

The samurai warrior and swordsman sit down to spend the night drinking. And the truth unveils. The swordsman says that he is a Aragami. He is the legendary Miyamoto Musashi and is immortal. He asks the Samurai warrior to engage in a battle with him and to defeat him and to help him die. It is a long battle finally the Swordsman dies, attaining his end and the Samurai warrior stays in the temple to attain his end.
Aragami is a well directed movie. It has very good fight sequence. And a mystery running alongside the entire story.

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