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14th February 2013
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Today is the Thursday 14/Feb/2013.

I got a message yesterday night from the Head of sales that the account is activated and a technical person will come home to complete the installation process. He said the person will be in by 11 am.

I was not sure what surprise was installed, so I thanked him for the response and asked to confirm that the plan that they have activated is 8 mbps, with 80 gb. He said yes.

I got up and the wait started. It was 10:45 am, there was no sign of any technical person. My bugging started. I hate to do this, but is there any other option available. I message  the HOS that there is no technical person in my house yet. No response. I gave a call at 11 am and said it is 11. He said he will quickly check and get back in 2 minutes.

[Realtime update]
Two minutes is now 30 min and there is no call yet. Will call him now. I know if he was to write a blog, I am a real pain in the ass. But I am giving his time, and when there is no response I do not have any other option but to follow-up.


Spoke to him, he said the technical person has started and will reach my place in another 15 - 20 min. I have lost the trust in these guys. I still feel they are trying to hide a mistake, and finding options to keep it covered. The reason is, they have booked a 8mbps with 30 gb instead or the 80 gb plan. After I complaint about it, they had to deactivate the plan and also cannot show it as my problem, as I am not going to pay for it. So, they had closed the account as there is no feasibility for a 8mbps line in my house. Which is a lie. Now if they have to give the 8mbps with 80 gb, they are contradicting their previous closure reason. Which means someone is going to answer for this when there is a audit. This is again my guess with the way they were again and again asking me to take the 8mbps with 30 gb plan on a 5+1 offer.

What ever. It was two weeks back I had booked for this connection. And now I am clinging on to the Reliance datacard  for my internet access. This can be used as a back-up, but cannot satisfy normal operations.

Let me wait.

It is 12 pm, no sign of the technical person. HOS says he will call him and have him come. I don't have any trust on them yet. I really doubt if they will solve all the problems today.

12 passed, 2 passed, and there were more excuses and no action yet. Finally the technical person came in at 3:45. It was 5 hours 45 minutes late. I hope they had followed the Indian Standard Indian Standard Time. It was another 1 hour for him to have the connection set-up and have the internet working.

He was talking about incidents where the sales team will book for 4 mbps, but will assign a plan of 2 mbps, there are cases money will be unaccounted. In my case it was Rs. 2495 that was unaccounted, it was after a lengthy fight and threatening that I would give a police complaint for fraud, they sent the guy yo pay the money back to me.

Finally the status was:

1. I got the 8mbps with 80 gb limit on a monthly subscription
2. I got back Rs. 2500, but they still have my Rs. 8000 which I had paid on the 5+1 offer. But this new connection is Rs. 2400 per month. So, they have added it as credit to my account which I did not agree but got another trade-off
3. I had to give back the Wifi modem, as the modem is free only for the 5+1 offer that I had booked and not this new plan. I said I cannot return the modem, for all the trouble caused I was the one who was responsible for this trouble to pay for the modem.

The HOS agreed that he will have the agency or the sales rep pay for the modem. That is the compensation for the mistake they did and for me to part Rs. 8000 in my account as credit.

It was the end for now. It was a very bad experience I went through. Several promises were not kept, no pro active action, but each time I had to call someone and push for action. Even though the Head of Sales and the head of customer service were involved, it took close to 4 days to have this issue solved. In total it took 14 days from the day this problem was identified and reported.

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