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21st January 2016
Ad breakdown - Does Pediasure work? - Yes, it makes the height marker shorter

This has been my concern around health drinks and supplements. Even the same people behind these ads would agree to me. They even tell the same truth as I do, but they do not want you to see it. They add the truth in small text that would almost blend with the background, so that […]

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11th January 2016
Egg fry: Quick and easy in 5 min

I tried this egg fry today, really quick and easy to make and would not take  more than 5 minutes for you. Preparation time: 5 min    Ingredients needed are: Hard boil egg (Count as per your need) Turmeric powder Chilli powder Salt Garlic cloves Oil (Mustard oil or Ground nut oil or Coconut oil […]

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4th January 2016
Chennai to Rameshwaram bike ride - Escape from templated New Year

This New year as with the past two years, decided not to be anywhere near a templated celebration. Until  the last week of Dec/2015 my plan was to join a group of friends and make my way to Ooty. The group was to come by a mini-bus, with my new found love, I decided to […]

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3rd January 2016
Parvathamalai Solo trek (26 - 27.Dec.2015)

This was one such thing that flashes and you are on. This happened over my morning tea at 9 am, I was out with my bag and my camera in it at 10 am. Planning - no complaints coz I had none. Later regretted that I din plan. Still was an experience. With minor repair […]

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