Yuvvraaj movie review

26th November 2008
Yuvraaj has all the big names behind it, Subhash Ghai, Salmaan Khan, A. R. Rehmaan, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Mithun and many more. Still The movie is not likely a good product you would expect from these creators.

Subhash Ghai has lost his winning run. And this movie is definitely not one of Ghai's product. The movie missed to full fill the basic expectations it created. When other Khan's are working hard to stand alone, Salman khan missed to create a name for his own through this movie. Anil Kapoor luckily was not a let down.

The movie is about Deven Yuvvraaj (Salmaan Khaan) with 2 other brothers and a father. He sings for a choir who is in love with cellist Anushkha (Katrina), and now the Indian masala. The father of the girl wants the guy to be super rich, and our hero signs a deal that he will be SUPER RICH in 40 days. By now the story is over since the movie is not going to end with Salman Kahn loosing. Soon Salman's father passes away leaving properties worth millions to his younger brother Gyanesh(Anil Kapoor) which Anil Kapoor decides to take away. But the masala again with all family sentiments and twists and turns the screen play ends all good.

Let downs,

1. Salman Kahn
2. Subhash Ghai
3. A Rehman (His magic in just 2 songs)
4. Screen play
5. Katrina (As usual, no scope for action)

Rating 1.5/5


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