Why trouble Vishwaroopam

25th January 2013
For a long time Vishwaoopam has been a much expected movie. I was counting days to go by, when the day will come for Vishwaroopam to release. My curiosity was kindled by the trailer. And few glims of the making during the pongal tv programs. The feel was on par with a Hollywood action/thriller movie. The movie release expectations had crossed borders and the news were on frm local to national television. I usually track NDTV.

I was pretty dissapointed that the movie is not released even after it went through all the checks and balances.

I am not sure what is the purpose of all the processes and procedures that the film needs to pass to be eligible for public screening. Why should there be a separate body to go through this when someone finds the material not satisfactory for any yard scale they want to use. All I heard from the news that the film was banned because the film portraited the Muslims in a bad light. On a talk show that I saw in NDTV, a representative from the same group which had asked for the film did participate. The person was insisting it was in the interest of the country that they had asked for the ban. More funny, he said that Kamal was a RAW agent who betrays the country. My Gosh... What is it to do with the national integrity. If that is the case there are violent terrorist in our Captain and Arjun's movies. May be we should have banned them all.

I really hope a favorable judgement will be given which will satisfy the majority and the system does not buckle down with the pressure from people who self claim that they are protecting the minorities.


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