Reason for wearing Thunai malai during Sabari malai Ayyappan viradham

11th September 2019

Why to wear Thunai malai

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Most of you out there will know why we wear Thunai malai during the Sabarimala viradha kalam (Fasting period). This is for those who are seeking this information.

We usually wear two malai when we start our fasting. The malai can be Thulasi malai or Rudrahsha malai or Spatika malai. You can wear a combination of these too. The reason we were two malai is because we need to have our mala around our neck for the entire viradha kalam (Fasting period). God forbids, if one mala is broken or comes off your neck, the other will be there to make your fasting to stay intact.
This is the reason we wear thunai malai.
You will also see people wearing only one mala, this is also allowed. In this case, there is no thunai malai.
Worst case, if your mala comes off your neck, chant "Swamiye Saram Iyappa" and put back the mala. If the mala is cut, hold the mala in tact, tie the two beads where it is cut using a thread from your cloth. You can mend it later. Do not feel bad about it. Leave it to Iyappan and continue your fasting.

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2 comments on “Reason for wearing Thunai malai during Sabari malai Ayyappan viradham”

  1. Hi Vicky,

    I look at wearing mala during sabarimala fasting in two different ways.

    1. The whole Sabarimala viradham is about breaking our routine and give up everything to Ayyappan. This helps cleanse our mind and body. Wearing mala will make us more conscious and help us stay focused during the fasting period. Wearing mala also lets other know we are in our fasting period and they can act accordingly.

    2. Any mala (Thulsi, Rudraksham, spatikam, etc.) we wear will help store positive energy and give it back to us when we need it. Each mala has its own ability to store specific energy and give it back. To wear any mala we need to follow specific rules, if you believe in it and wear it for the right reasons. Hence you can wear any mala during the fasting period.

    Now the opposite of it.

    Can you take up the fasting without wearing the mala? Yes, you can if you cannot follow the set rules strictly to your conscious and still want to take up others you can follow.

    Can you wear these mala while you are not in your fasting perios? Yes, you can given if you can follow give the respect to the mala and you can follow all the rules that you feel it is needed to wear the mala.

    Hope this helps you.

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