What is Apollo Fish?

18th July 2022

Apollo fish is a very famous fish dish in Hyderabad and several cities in Andhra and Telangana. It is boneless and just flesh. This makes many searching for what this Apollo fish is and where to find Apollo fish in local market.

As many believe, Apollo fish is not a fish variety. It is a fish recipe. Mostly Apollo fish is made using Basa Fish. Actually most of the fish dishes in restaurants are made using Basa Fish.

Basa is not a native fish of India. Yet very popular as it has boneless flesh which is very easy to cook. It is very easy to cut boneless fillet of Basa fish and most important, it is very cheap compared with other fishes from which boneless fillet can be cut.

Hope this helps you understand Apollo fish is not actually a fish variety, but a Fish preparation.


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