What does Shiva Lingam represent?

9th September 2014
I never gave it a thought what Shiva Lingam really means or represents. The first time I ever heard an explanation is from a movie "Outsourced" released in 2006.

It bothered me a little and I was not able to make a meaning out of it on why Shiva or Sivan should be represented as a symbol of the male and the female part. There are even videos taking this to a all new level.

I was sure even if it represents the male and the female part, it should have a deeper meaning than just the physical meaning.
For years I have had believed in the same meaning. Recently a friend of mine asked me if I knew what Shiva Lingam denotes. I gave the same explanation but found it odd to explain. I was not convinced and went back to study what Shiva Lingam actually mean.

Here is one of the video that really helped me figure-out the meaning of Shiva Lingam,

Lingam means 'the form'. Shiva Lingam is the form of Shiva. Shivan means beyond the beginning and the end. The shape any galaxy or this whole universe will take when it collapses in to itself will be an Ellipsoid, a perfect 3D eclipse. It is from this shape the whole big bang started from. From which the universe we exist started from. This is the shape matter taken when it collapses in to itself. This the shape of Shiva Lingam which denotes beyond the beginning and the end.
The Lingam is always presented along with the Yoni, which denotes the goddess Shakthi, the female creative energy. This also denotes the oneness. This is mis-conceptualized as the physical representation.
This has been taken as a way to defame Shivan and Shiva Lingam in some ways. Which is only for other benefits it may fetch for those who can gain from it or to put someone superior in their belief.
I can be wrong in my findings or in my interpretation, but this makes more sense to me than the explanation that Shiva lingam was only the representation of the male and the female part.


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