Villu Review

15th January 2009

Villu, did not have any big expectation after the music was released. Since most of the songs gave the same feel as that of Pokiri, and the others are gracefully from Telugu. so what better can I expect from the movie, it is going to be a Masala.

The movie started well, but not strong in screen play. The screen play had to take long brething gaps which is filled by Vadivelu's Comedy in the first half, and songs in the second half. And Nayantara all over the movie to add the Glamour element. The first Half was like watching Comedy time in K tv. No big development in the story. And the second half is Sun Music, with Mokkai's in between the songs. Prakash raj acting is good as usual, Pandu has 2 or 3 scenes for a descent comedy.

If you see the movie without the Comedy, Songs, Nayantara there is nothing left, except a very weak movie. The story is the same as in hundreds of other movies, where the son take revenge on people who brought bad name to his father. The same guys murdered his father. The death of his father is another comedy, where a case file is given to crack down the arms smuggling. Now our Heroes father goes to combat terrorist single handed, SINGLE MAN ARMY. See how carelessly he has planned to go alone. If he has taken few other trained men, his life would not have been lost, they could have stopped the arms smuggling right at the beginning. And this whole movie is not needed. Even now directors take logic for granted.

When compared with other Vijay's recent movies, Villu is far more better, atleast not scaring the audience away from the theater. Overall Villu is a Masalla Chicken, with too much Masala(Comedy, songs, glamour), but very little Chicken(Story, screenplay). Sure this movie will be a hit as per directors calculations.

Villu - 4/10

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