Vaaranam Aayiram Review

24th November 2008
This is one of the most awaited movie. And it created a lot of expectation. But it did not satisfy the expectation. Surya and Gautham Manon missed to give the winning formula this time.

The whole movie is about the life of Karthik and his son Surya(Both were acted by Surya). This movie shows the relation between the father and his son, their love and HOW their love changed their life. Fine.... But the whole movie seems to be in small packets. Which contains 3 love story(One for Karthik, two for Surya), rehabilitation phase, Military phase, and a small slot where Surya is a single man army against a underground gang to rescue a kid. After you come out of the theater you are pretty confused what the movie is about. And you are confused to answer the question when someone asks what is the story.

This movie is no exception where logic is taken for granted in movies.

1. Surya gets bank loan without completing his graduation to start his business.

2. Surya gets visa for the reason that he is going for his love.

3. Surya with all his family burden on his shoulders goes and spends 90 days in US with his girl friend.

4. His office is running very well. But the boss(Surya) is not around.

5. Lucky Surya gets his second outing, now goes to Kashmir to relax after his tragic drug usage. Again his buz runns well.

6. Surya a single man tracks a undergroung gang who have kidnapped a buz mans(His friend) son.

7. This is ultimate. When Surya encounters the gang, they attack with swords and knife. How well the gang is armed.

8. Surya is now Major K Surya... HOW??????????

When compared with other movies the logic is not that shocking. But we expect something different from Gautham.

vaaranam aayiram 6 in one.

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