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14th July 2018
How to remove Formalin from Fish, Dry Fish, Vegetables and Fruits

It is a shock to most of us to see our trusted source of protein, fish is glazed with substance like Formalin. Formalin is Formaldehyde in water. Formalin is primarily used to preserve tissues from decaying by killing the bacteria which caused the decomposition. This is the reason Formalin is used to preserve dead bodies and during the embalming process to preserve a dead body for longer period of time.

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10th December 2008
To go without the over head tank

In case we have continuous supply of water and electricity. Why do we need a over head tank. Instead we can install a new kind of Tap which can be a Electromechanical component. What I mean hear is, the tap should act like a Switch to the motor pump, and also functions as a valve […]

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