Sutralam Suvaikalam pushed me in to this - Salem

15th June 2016

I stumbled on this video during a regular browsing session. Before the video ended I was almost drooling. It means one thing. Salem, Kanda Villas here I come.

The next weekend I had committed to make it for one of my ex office colleagues marriage. The week after that, had no plans, so had to fill it. So, went ahead and booked the tickets. Morning Kovai express at 6:15am and reached Salem at 10:55 am. Return was again Kovai Express at 5:15 pm and reached Chennai at 10:25 pm.


Got up at 5am and made it to the railway station by 6 am. After a series of naps in the train, it was Salem. En route just had 2 samosas to leave space for the lunch. Salem at 11. At 8:06 on the video it says the place is open from 12 to 3. I had a good one hour and the place was 5.5km from the railway station. Wanted to walk so that I can cover the one hour space and heat up my body for lunch.

Reached the place around 12:10.

Walked in. The tables were stacked one top of the other and a old lady was sitting and watching TV. The old lady then broke the surprise. Surprise!!! yea. The place is closed on Saturdays 🙁


Andha aalu naamatha paathu lighta doubt'aanen.

All the way for this. Got frustrated. Walked to a auto stand. Asked the auto guy to drive me to the nearest water hole. After showing around Salem, he put me in a place. Another Surprise. This place does not serve non-veg. Seriously. This is the first local water hole I have seen that does not serve non-veg. Supported Vijay Malaya to save some money to pay his loans.

Came all the way for lunch. So it is still pending. Started the knowledge gathering. Auto'walas, co diners and the trusted Gokul. The search landed me in Selvi Mess. This place is right opposite to the old bus stand. The place was really busy. It was a decent pick. Unloaded all my frustration in this place. Filled my table cutting across the biological classification of species. Food was good. It was a good pick.

With mission accomplished with Plan B, made my way to the railway station. Took another nap there. Kovai express came to pick me up and landed me in Chennai.

I am liking the simplicity of this patters and will definitely try again. With the amount of uncertainty it is best enjoyed alone unless a brave heart steps up for it. Last time it was Hyderabad for Biriyani, this time Salem. This will continue...

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