Day 8: Roaming in the magnificent Agra and leave to Delhi

3rd December 2017
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>< Day 8: Roaming in the magnificent Agra and leave to Delhi
>> Day 9: Plan to exit and roam in Delhi
>> Day 9 took me in to 10, with trouble parceling the bike by train and challenges at every turn. Best experience.

Day# 8: 25th November, 2017 (Saturday)

Started from my room at 8 am. Wanted to finish Fatehpur Sikri before going around Agra. Stopped for a stunning view of the Taj from a view point across the Yamuna. It was still foggy and sun was still trying to creep over the horizon.
It was a 40km ride to Fatehpur Sikri, with some busy market places to cross before making it out of Agra.
Fatepur and Sikri are two different places just adjacent to each other. 
Real beautiful places, one of my favorites from this trip. All worth the ride and time spent.
Went back to room by 11 am. Inform them  that I will come back and check-out by 1:30 pm. Had to plan Taj and Agra fort accordingly.
Made it to Taj Mahal. There was a pretty long queue. Really long one, which I was not prepared for. Went there and stood there like anyone else would do looking at a long queue. After some time, came to know the queue it to enter, before that I have to take the ticket and also drop the bag in the cloak room. The person behind me would let me in when I am back. Deal. Came back and I was not able to find the person in the queue. The queue was much longer now and would easily take an hour and a half to reach the entrance.
Spoke to a guide, he has let me in right in front of the entrance and took Rs. 100.

Right from the entrance, the Taj was impressive. Comparing with other places, this looked like the crown jewel.
Went around and  there was another queue makin its way to the top. I decided not to go in that queue if it is just going to take me around Taj, but the police ma said it takes you inside the Taj, again not able to resist the curiosity, waited in the queue and made it inside the Taj. If it was worth the wait to see the inside, nah. Still the curiosity kills the cat 😉
It was already late and well past the 1:30 checkout time. I still went to the Agra fort, can go back and manage the hotel people later.
After Fatepur Sikri, Agra fort did not impress me much. It is still a beautiful fort, comparing it with Fatepur Sikri, did not make it up to the level.
Went back to the hotel at 4 pm. Was informed the charge for overstaying will be Rs. 1,200. Got this room for Rs. 890 through Make my trip. Discussion went on for about 20 min, with me getting late to go to Delhi. Had to give a quick lesson on profit vs customer service/loyalty and word of mouth. The manager had to give up and asked me to fix the price, I said Rs. 300. Gave him Rs. 500 and said I will pack and come back for the change.
By the time I came back, they had decided to not collect any late fees from me. The lesson worked or what every.
Started from Agra at 4:30 pm and it was the final stretch for this ride. Agra to Delhi, Distance of about 230km on the much hyped Yamuna Express Highway. BS. Half the way did not have a raised median, made it difficult with opposite side high beam drivers. Roads did not have light, there was no proper lane marking, on top of it was the cold weather and smog. It was not a comfortable ride. Got a severe cold and throat infection. Had no problem with cold in any of the other places.
Reached Delhi at 8:50 pm. It was time for a destination photo. Got permission from the security guard at the India Gate and had a photo taken JChennai to Delhi – Done.
Had called Vinod, to join me in Delhi, my ex office colleague, who is currently in Gurugram. Took a room close to the railway station as I had to send my bike by train the next day.
Picked up Vinod from the railway station and went to Jumma Masjid. Busy street with eateries running from one end to the other. With the same selection process, ordered some nice kababs and got fish from another shop. Kher for dessert.
Kababs were really good, but the mint chutney added right in to the package, made it difficult to taste the meat.  Fish was first prepared over charcoal and then braised with a butter sauce, again the butter sauce over powered the fish taste. Not bad, but serving them separate from side would be much preferred. I should have been cautions.
Went to bed after a nice dinner.

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