28th December 2008

I got a call from my friend on Friday (19/12/2008) asking if would like to join for Silambattam on that Saturday. I was thrilled coz the songs were good.

The movie ritual started when we started off to Mayajal, reached Mayajal and found the impact of global financial crisis, when we started to sweat waiting near screen# 8 to open. May be cost cutting with the Air conditioning.

As usual the movie started with Simbu title as “LITTLE SUPER STAR”. The movie started with the Villian setting fire for the field. And the villagers come running for help, but very little can be done coz acres and acres of land were burning (Thanks to the eco friendly graphic effect). Next scene the temple Elephant (Valli) gets mad and begins to charge at people around. Now let us track the logical mistakes. Now our Movie hero Vichu (Simbu) sings a devotional song and Valli is calmed and goes to see Vichu inside the temple. (It is just like our Ramarajans “Pechi Pechi nee perumaiulla Pechi” song for the cows.) Is Vichus voice so loud that the elephant was able to hear it outside the temple. Or is Vichu having hearing problem he is not able to hear Vallis call. Now the characterization part, where they portrait Vichu as a very calm, innocent, Bhramin boy (Amanji, as said by the Heroine). He is raised by his grand father as a priest. Now it is obvious that there will be a girl in love with him and Vichu due to his innocence does not know about it. And the girl is Sana Khan (Has a very limited role in the movie and dress in the songs). Santhanam was expected to give a sensible comedy track, but the first comedy would really make you regret for coming to this movie. I better not tell abt that comedy (This is termed as fart jokes). After the comedy there is a series of scenes spent just on characterization and setting the images about the character. Few more scenes would not really make sense why they are in the movie.

Vichu is raised by his grand father and is taught to tolerate any mistakes happening around him. Now this is put to test when few guys speak loudly over mobile phone inside the temple premises disturbing others. The guy on the phone takes a higher tone to take advantage of Vichu’s innocence. Still Vichu tries to talk through the problem.

And the same gang, tries to misbehave with a washer man’s family and Vichu also gets in between the problem. And when the guys take advantage of the situation and try to Beat up Vichu, Vichu erupts. The camera and BGM were excellent. But the stunts are larger than life. There is one stunt scene when a guy pitches after the impact with the ground. And another scene when a guys pitches on the water surface when Vichu Kicks him across. OMG, the stunt director (Kannal Kannan) needs science tuition. Please don’t make another comedy scene for youtube like the one for Ballaya and TR. Please don’t put down the reputation of Tamil technicians.

Now Vichu is not able to believe he did such a thing and beat up 5 guys. And he asks the washer man not to talk about this to others. Let me not even talk about the love track. It is the same anyone would have seen in hundreds of movies. And the tragedy in Love track is the song sequence. There is no link between the scenes and the song backdrop. The scene will cut in a village backdrop. Next frame the heroine will be dancing with a mini skirt. It was difficult to identify the heroine in such low costume after seeing her in a traditional dress. Hopeless love sequence. And till now everyone were scratching their head for the story. Can someone please tell me what is the story about.

' Am really not able to write this review. The movie is totally out of track. Am still not able to accept the way Simbu has tried to imitate Billa. And ppl were shouting Ajith thala da, nee tharudhala da. Dono if Simbu is trying to cash on Ajiths fans like he is trying with Rajini's fans having his title as Little Super Star. '

------------- THE END -----------------

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