Share PDF, Word document, Excel files from Blogger

29th October 2014
Blogger or WordPress will not allow you to share files  that are not images from the regular posts attachment options.

Here is a work around to make your PDFs or other files available online and be able to share from your own blog.

Share the file using Google Drive

1. Login to Google drive
2. Click "New" from the top left
3. Select "Files" from the drop down options
4. Now select the file from your computer that you want to be made available online
5. Once the file is uploaded, select "Share" from the options available
6. Here select "Get Link"option. This will give you the link you can access this file from.

Link the file to your blog post

1. Using HTML editor view: Use this tag to link the file to your blog,
<a href="URL of the file" target="_blank">Text you want to link to</a>


1. You can type in the text you want to link the file to and select the "link" option from the editor window. From there, enter the link you want the text to be linked to. This does the same the HTML code does as mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

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