Runup and Day 1 Hubali | Chennai to Mumbai Solo bike ride

16th July 2016
Distance is a challenge for this trip. Riding in the rain will only add more challenge to this trip. I already had a bad experience during last years Unplanned trip when I had to break my journey in Bangalore after being caught in heavy rain.

What went wrong:

1. No rain protection
2. Bags and camera not protected to handle rain
3. Mercury visor on the helmet made it difficult to use in low light and rainy situations

Had all of this taken care for this trip.

1. Had all items individually organized and packed in covers.
2. Had extra garbage covers to protect anything on the go.
3. Changed the mercury visor to clear visor
4. Carried the rain liner that came along with the riding gear

All these made a major difference in this trip where I was riding for 5 days in rain.

Day 1: Had 3 hours of sleep from 2 am to 5 am.

Things to pack were left on the floor to make sure I can recheck before I pack them:

Started from Chennai at 5:45 am. Reached Vellore by 7 and took a break for Tea. Then it was Bangalore at 10:00 am which includes a fuel break as well.

From here the rain clouds started. The ride was getting interesting with patches of wet and dry land. You know you are riding in to a rain zone and out. You can see it right before you. Was an awesome feel. There was a constant wind from  the west. This took effort to keep the bike straight at speeds in excess of 100 kmph. Overtaking lorries also became challenging with cross wind.

Then it was Hubli at 4 pm. Got a room for Rs. 500, this was very close to the main bus stand. Checked for places to see in Hubli. 2 were of my interest. Chandramoulishwara temple and Unkal lake.

Clicked few pics in Chandramoulishwara temple:

Next was Unkal lake. The guy from Chandramoulishwara temple came with me to show this place. There it started raining. I got wet there, enjoyed the rain and started to see  the challenge to take pics in rain. Still managed to click some pics:

Then it was time to sleep. To get set for the next ride. I had 3 days to to settle in Pune. Wanted to try some place before Pune. Selected Mahabaleshwar as the next destination.

Day 1: Run-up and Chennai to Hubali

Battling strong wind and rain
Chandramoulishwar temple
Lake view with heavy rain

Day 2 and 3: Mahabalishwar

Rain never stopped
Sivaji statue a few feet away, hidden in fog

Day 4 and 5: Lonavala and Mumbai

Karla caves
View points
India Gate
Soup and dinner at the famous Bade miya shop + Firni

Day 5 - 8: Pune and work from Pune


Day 9 and 10: Hampi

Place that I underestimated. What I thought will a few hours is a city that will need a few days to see just a scratch of what it can offer. All photos included.

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