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10th September 2014

Tried this lodge when I went on a solo unplanned trip. It was best for me. Also suitable for large groups and families.

Shalom Lodge, Kutralam (Courtallam) try  these numbers: +91 9842182056, +91 9976691686.

Very close to the main bus stand.

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  1. My name is Ganesh swamy. I wore mala on Oct 5 (2 days back). I stay in apartment 2nd floor. today after completing my pooja when I came down to go to work I heard some one in ground floor expired. what should I do..feeling very me with a solution plzzzz

  2. My husband Shri Ganesh swamy wore mala on oct 5th . we stay in apartment 2nd floor. today after completing swamy's pooja when he came down he hear that some one in the ground floor expired. we came off to office did not see the dead body any thing. what should we do now ..plz help us in resolving our problem

  3. Ganesh, do not worry. This will no way affect your viradham. You cannot avoid this scenario. You go on with your normal routine. Please take bath and apply vibudhi/sandhanam when you walk in back to your house after your days work and before pooja (As usual). This is enough. You cannot attend the final rituals.

    Clean your house after the cremation has been performed.

  4. Krishna Priya, do not worry about it. Take bath after you go back home. That should be good enough (Even if your husband had seen the mortal remains of your neighbor). This will not affect your husband's viradham. You cannot participate in good and bad events. Which you have not done.

    I hope this helps.

  5. Hi Selva,

    You can plan to put the Mala for the Mandala poojai and be back before the delivery. Another option is to leave after a couple of weeks from delivery date. The only time you cannot be away if 14 days from the time of birth of your child.

    You can plan accordingly.

    Hari Prasad S

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