Risland The ACE response to my YouTube vlog

11th February 2021

What did not happen with several emails, registered post and a legal notice, happened because I made a vlog about my experience with Risland The ACE.

Rakesh who was the sales person who lied along with Manoj (VP sales and Marketing) has commented for the above video.

Sir we have already sent you an email regarding the refund we convinced mgmt about your situation I agree that you didn't get your money when required but it's a company we have process and need to take approval in different levels if you need your money stop doing this or else tell us if you don't need your money we will tell mgmt not to process your refund there is no point of doing such things don't try to act as over smart.

My response:

Rakesh, good to hear from you which you have not done for my emails, letters and legal notice. Fact of the matter is Manoj (VP Sales and Marketing), Rakesh (Sales, which is you) lied that the token advance is refundable if the loan is not processed and made us sign the application form and pay Rs. 2 lakhs. Manoj and Deva (HDFC sales rep) lied that we are eligible for a loan amount that we were not eligible. Due to which we paid the token advance. Why don't you keep up with your words and process the refund?

Second comment

And also you should mention when you came for booking we gave you best price and also you asked for a spot booking offer AC that too was not a spot booking you came after 2 days for that also we agreed and offered you and your wife followed up with me for agreement to sign immediately that also I arranged after doing everything you are doing like this when you are telling negative points you also should mention positive points too if you are a gentle man

My response:

This itself shows you ask your customers to sign on the spot when your application form has brutal cluse which I have pointed out. Do the application form not need a detailed review, even better to get a legal review when you have forfeit terms for application fee in it?

For the first comment, the email was sent to us on Feb 9th, 2021. Whereas the video was posted on Feb 7th, 2021.

Even if I had posted the video after receiving the email, what is wrong in the video?

I followed all ways possible to get back my money. Now they want me to be quiet, because they made an offer, which is unrealistic. What if the unit is not sold, should I have to sell it and again wait for 30 days to get my money back?

The application was made only for provisional allotment, which means, the allotment is not even final at this point, why to tie in sale of the unit to my refund?

The guy who lied that the advance is refundable is asking me not to act smart. Cannot say anything about this.

Regarding second comment, this is very clear the trap has to be closed once a customer visits the office. We asked for two days time, just to sleep over it and come back fresh. Which Rakesh and Manoj did agree. As we already confirmed our booking on day one, we wanted the gift to be covered. What was wrong in asking for what is covered in the cost we are paying?

Next, Rakhesh is upset that I did not share anything positive. My blog, google review and video has positive about this project. Rakhesh and go through it once again and find it.

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