SOLVED: How to remove semalt data from Google Analytics report

20th October 2014
Semalt shows up as referral on Google Analytics report. In actual these are not referral traffic, these are visits by Semalt web crawlers to the website. Semalt data seems to be misguiding the analytics data. It hurts with its 100% bounce rate. Semalt also does not follow exclusions marked in Robot.txt which does not sound like a credible crawler we can let through our websites.

There are two ways we can take care of this depending on your needs.

Option 1: Removing entry from Google Analytics

We can remove the data from analytics. In this case, Semalt crawlers would still be coming in to the site and would leave its trace on the analytics but would not be visible on the Analytics report.

This is how to remove the Semalt data from Analytics.

- Go to Google Analytics

- Go to Admin from the top Navigation

- Select Filter from the left Navigation

- Select the account for which you want to add this filter

- Now hit "New filter"

- Here is the screen capture for the settings, 

Option 2: Remove the website from being scrolled by Semalt

This is the better way to take care of this mennace. This will instruct Semalt crawlers not to scroll the website going forward.

Go to 

Here fill the website address you want to be removed from their scroller and submit it. They commit removing the website from the scroller in 30 min.

Hope this helps.

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