Pope Benedict resigns...

12th February 2013
What!!! Can a pope resign? Yes he did. My goodness.

First I cannot accept that a Pope can resign. Next, he gives a 17 day notice period. Look, this is not acceptable under any HR policy. Does Vatican have a formal HR policy. Do they have relieving policy, what about notice period, knowledge transfer, ... I have more questions. How can a Pope resign.

Vatican should take advice from present day companies, they need to have a HR. Seriously, there needs to be a notice period, basic should be a month. Again, that is basic. For a developer itself, the notice period can be up to 3 months, for a pope I would say one year should work. And definitely, if he is resigning, he needs to do some kind of knowledge transfer. We cannot have a trainer for a Pope.

Again, I am still thinking How can a Pope resign???


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