PK (Peekay) please yaar

25th December 2014
I wish PK had caught the old guy when he was running away with the chain. It would have been a happy ending than to have spent a 2.5 hours or story telling to have it done.
PK is a pure Bollywood formula masala movie on a different (Yet tried and tested) concept.
Nothing new, except all the pieces were put together by the screenplay to make this masala movie.
I know I would have been the only guy in the whole theater who would have sat numb for all the humor and testing sentiment scenes where the director would expect the audience to pour our their empathy and create a bond with the audience.
Amir Khan had justified the role which had a very good scope for performance. The actress (I dont know her name) acting was seen that she was acting, in her expressions and during her reactions.
PK should have ran faster in the first place than to have go round round and round to find the chain (Remote) again 🙁

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