Padikadhavan Review

18th January 2009

Padikadhava starring Dhanush, Tamanna and all other serial actors in Sun TV. All the character introduction just felt that am sitting front of the TV watching a Serial. The movie was very good until 10 min before the interval, then the movie takes all kind of twists and turns which was not really up to the liking. Few dialogs did not miss to get the applause when Dhanush talks proud about him being uneducated. Vivek has done a good job. But this is not his best shot. His action reminded Vadivelu in many occasions.

This is another movie with hero pocessing super natural power, that he can make people air borne with his punches and kicks. Am still hoping the movie makers will make responsible movies one day. Which are very few now a days.

The movie is about Dhanush having a plan to Love and marry a educated girl since he is uneducated even when provided the best of opportunities. The girls father is a Don in Andhra who is staying away from that circle and staying in her Uncles house and Studying Aeronautical eng. She is spotted by the Opponent gang who attempt to kill her, but saved by her father gang. Later she returns with her father to Andhra. Now our hero along with Vivek, who pocesses him self to be a Rowdy(Comedian) make their way to Andhra to get back Dhanush's girl. After series of scenes the Heroines father accepts their marriage. But now Dhanush is being attacked in the railway station on his way back. After the investigation they find that Dhanush has killed a Gangsters brother in Tirunelvelli for which they are taking a revenge.

Now the heroines father asks Dhanush to solve the problem with the gangster either by talking his way through or to knock his off. Its climax, so no words, only action. As expected our Hero with all super natural power knockes him off and walks to clam his girl.

Nothing great in this movie to make it a must see, but if I have to compare it with Vullu, this movie is a percent better.

Rating - 1.5/5

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