Do aliens exist? Why not in form we don't know yet?

28th December 2008

Alien may be out of our mind, or can be for real. Alien research is going on for years but with no concrete step forward. Since the universe is vast and is out of reach for the humans for now, spotting alien life in it is like finding a needle in an ocean (Just kiddin, it is not so easy).

Now the problem in scanning the universe for a life form is the area which is involved. Just to scan our Milky Way galaxy which is 100,000 light years in diameter and Thickness 1,000 light years would be quiet impossible with today’s science. Because even if we have the most powerful telescope possible which can see through 100,000 light years in distance. It can see things which have happened before 100,000 light years only. Since the light reaching the telescope was started from its source 100,000 years back. So if we could see anything today, is not exactly what is happening there today. This brings another complication if the place scanned does really have a life form we would miss it if it is in existence within this 100,000 years. If these are the numbers we are talking just for the Galaxy we are in. The numbers will be astronomical in case we are scanning the whole universe. Another problem is the black holes since it would not let any light to pass through it. So we are loosing the entire source of the information.

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has begun tracing alien signals from 2007 using very powerful radio telescopes. This will function 365 days a year. Earlier the search tools were borrowed from other radio telescopes in US and in Australia hence was not able to dedicate entire time for this purpose.

What I think: Things around us are larger than what we can imagine. For a long time Humans were aware of only 3 – dimensions. Later realized that what happens around us is happening in a 3+1 dimension environment. Here time is another factor. But according to string theory there may be as much as 26 dimensions. So things just as close to us and around us mean totally different if we look in a different perspective.

A simple ball which we throw is traveling in 4 D. With the current science we can control the ball in 3D. But still we have not been able to control the 4th D(Time). So humans have not yet advanced in science. The technology and the knowledge we have is just a scratch from an ice berg.

We try to conclude all our understandings within the boundaries which we are aware of. For example Galileo Galilei was put in house arrest for proposing that the solar system is Sun centric and not earth centric, which was the accepted theory in 16th century.

The truth is away from our understanding. What I feel about alien is, Why cant alien be of a different form. Why should it have a structure? Why should it contain mass?

Why not an Alien be in form of a light? Why not an alien be in a form of a radio wave? Or let us not even confine to things what we know. Why not there is something with intelligence in some form which humans are still not aware of? Why not there be something other than mass, time, energy. Be it anything which we still don’t know.

But why don't we think outside of what we know. This will be like proposing the law of gravity to a person who is suspended in space with nothing around him for few thousand light years. What sense will he make out of Law of gravity when he does not even know what gravity is, or if it is Black or White.

Alien is just one thing I am able to think of where we might be pointing the wrong direction. Since the research is still premature with no hard evidence. But the science is exiting which we are trying to crack. Alien research needs more attention since what we are going to find does not end with the aliens. But it can bring a new definition to science.

This is something which I am still not able to solve/peruse for a long time. But was going around in my mind for a few years now.

Am open to any comment(s).

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