Meteor shower

15th February 2013
From the time the news about 2012 DA14 raised I was a bit suspicious if we are hearing all truth, or something is left under the carpet.
 2012 DA14 Specs:
* Mass: 130,000 tons (a bit heavier than a grand piano)
* Speed: 10.6 miles/second
* Size: 57 meters (187 ft.)
* Energy: 2.7 megatons
 2012 DA14is expected to cross by earth much closer than any other object of this size had crossed by. Astrophysics is much advanced, and within minutes the brilliant brains can jot down the path and the project path after it is influenced by the earth's gravity. All news confirmed that there will no damage to the earth. But looks like they had missed to calculate the trajectory of this meteor which had strayed in to the earth's atmosphere.

 Meteor shower have been reported in Russia and around 950 people have been injured. (Source:

This might be a coincidence that it had happened the same the the big mama is going to cross the earth, or was this part of what was left under the carpet.

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