Menu and Rate of Legendary Konar Kadai AKA Konar Mess Simmakkal Madurai

2nd April 2018
To all those Non-Veg lovers, here is Konar Mess Menu card, Simmakkal, Madurai menu and rate.

Why I am sharing this?

Last time I went there, I was asked to check for the menu on these sheets pasted on the wall, I instead took a photo, came back to my table and then placed my order. I am saving this trouble for you now that you can go through this menu card along with all the items listed with necessary English Translations. If you Fish names from Tamil translated to English, you can use this list here with downloadable PDF.

Menu card in Konar Mess, Konar Kadai Simmakkal Madurai
Items Rate
Idly Rs. 10
Idiyappam Rs. 10
Oil Dosai Rs. 35
Home Dosai Rs. 25
Papper Podi Dosai Rs. 35
Uthappam Rs. 30
Parotta Rs. 20
Chappathi Rs. 25
Kari Dosai Rs. 160
Kudal* (Intestine) Kari Dosai Rs. 180
Mutton Parotta Rs. 150
Chicken Kari Dosai Rs. 160
Onion Kari Dosai Rs. 130
V.Karu Dosai Rs. 40
Egg Dosai Rs. 40
Half Boil Dosai Rs. 45
Egg Uthappam Rs. 40
Veech Egg Parotta Rs. 90
Egg Items
Egg Kari Rs. 120
Egg Kola Rs. 65
Egg Poriyal Rs. 25
Egg Kudal* (Intestine) Rs. 110
Egg Brain Rs. 120
Omlette Rs. 20
Half Boil Rs. 15
Mutton Items
Kudal* (Intestine) Gravy Rs. 90
Chest Gravy (Nenju elembu) Rs. 90
Paya (Goat leg) Gravy Rs. 90
Chops Gravy Rs. 90
Thala Kari (Head meat) Gravy Rs. 90
Liver Gravy Rs. 90
Varuval Gravy Rs. 100
Onion Gravy Rs. 75
Mutton Sukka Rs. 110
Mutton Kola Rs. 10
Chest Roast Rs. 100
Chops Roast Rs. 100
Thala Kari Roast Rs. 100
Paya Roast Rs. 85
Liver Roast Rs. 100
Manga (Kidney) Roast Rs. 110
Varuval Roast Rs. 100
Kudal (Intestine) Roast Rs. 100
Halwa Roast Rs. 110
Suvarotty (Spleen) Rs. 110
Brain Roast Rs. 110
Bone Roast Rs. 90
Chicken Items
Chicken Kola Rs. 10
Chicken Gravy Rs. 100
Chicken Roast Rs. 110
Chicken Sukka Rs. 100
Pepper Chicken Rs. 120
Chicken Boneless Rs. 90
Chicken 65 Rs. 85
Madurai Chicken Rs. 90
Chicken Lollipop Rs. 100
Fish Items
Fish Gravy Rs. 120
Fish Roast Rs. 130
Fish Boneless Rs. 130
Nandu (Crab) Gravy Rs. 150
Nandu (Crab) Lollipop Rs. 150
Iraal (Prawns) Gravy Rs. 130
Iraal (Prawns) Roast Rs. 140
Briyani and Meals
Mutton Briyani Rs. 150
Chicken Briyani Rs. 150
Egg Briyani Rs. 110
Plain Briyani Rs. 100
Briyani 1/4 plate Rs. 75
Meals Rs. 85
Half Meals Rs. 50
Chicken Masala Rs. 110
Mutton Masala Rs. 110

Note: Kudal is generally only the Goat's intestine. But in Konar Mess, you will find them adding Booti (Stomach) and Nora dabba (Lungs) along with Kudal. It is still yummy, I want to keep you informed on what  you can expect from this real authentic place.

I love to travel and try some goof food on the way. Madurai is one of my favorite region to be around with different specialty food available in and around this region. If there are any changes to this list, please leave it in the comment, I will have this updated to help others looking for this information.

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