Malala for Nobel

2nd February 2013
In one way I am happy that Malala is nominated for the Nobel prize. But I wonder if she has done anything more than other people who have fought against the Talibans and have given their lives.

I don't know if Malala would have gained so much fame if the Taliban's had not shot her and if she had not survived the shot. I am not against Malala in any way. I truly respect her courage. To raise the voice against the Talibans in their own land does need serious guts. But is that not many have done and have given their lives for.

Malala story had hit the lime light and took off from there. She was taken to UK for treatment. Her dad got a job in UK consulate. Would any of this would have happened if the Talbans had not shot her and if she had not survived the attack.

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