Common mistakes while communicating time for Professionals

14th February 2013
Indian Standard Time as many will know is GMT +5.5 hours. That is the actual time.

With the Indian Standard Time what I am trying to mean is, the time interval when it is mentioned on a informal communication. For example, when someone same give me 2 seconds, I will check it for you. This means, wait I will get back to you. 2 seconds is not 2 seconds here, it does not carry any value.

When someone want to put you off, it is 15 min or 30 min. Meaning, don't stand here, I will come when it is done.
It is very difficult to comprehend what is the value of this 2 seconds and the 15 minutes. This happens on most situations. When we deal with a client, we tend to use IST and it back fires big time. It took time and experience to understand this mistake. And once we know that our time is valuable, we will respect the value of others time. If I feel bad that I had to wait for 15 min when someone said it is 10, it is going to irritate. Mistakes do happen and delays are possible. But to keep the person informed on time is very important. If the time is soon approaching and looks like it commitment cannot be met, better to explain things well ahead than to wait and give a excuse when the time is up.
1. When giving a time interval, make sure you know the value of the time. 2 seconds is 2 seconds. 15 min is 15 min.
2. When you are going to miss the time commitment, get back ahead of time if possible that there is going ti be a delay. At least, when it is time, send out a communication, that it is time, but you are still not able to have it completed.
3. Always give the ETA when you are extending the time.
You will gain respect and others will start giving respect to your time too.

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